Short Fiction, DV, 10.00, Germany, 2006

  • Thirst


Mother and daughter meet to celebrate the former's birthday, and the difficult power dynamic and alienation felt is sensitively explored through their differing aims for the day.

Cast: Elisabeth Ebeling and Katharina Bellena
Distributed by Schwimmer Filmverleih


Director's note

Family relations automatically imply certain obligations that cannot be found in other relationships. The interconnection of these obligations and dependencies is the theme of Thirst which depicts a birthday celebration and the estranged relationship between a mother and her daughter. Thirst mainly takes place in a single room, treating the space as a territory where the characters try to dominate through the subtle manipulations of language, proximity and domestic objects. In this way, the boundaries of the room become the boundaries of the characters.


Screenings – 2006

GoEast Festival Wiesbaden, Germany
Emergeandsee Berlin
Neue Berliner Filme Kino Babylon Mitte
Lucania Film Festival, Italy
Hull International Short Film Festival, UK
Leeds International Film Festival, UK
Zinebi Shortfilm Festival, Bilbao, Spain
Shortescape Barcelona, Spain
"Rundgang" Universität der Künste, Berlin